The 1946 Super Deluxe Ford Woodie

Stephen Homes, Santa Rosa Beach  FL

First of Ford’s Post-War Woodies – A “land yacht”: an all-wood cabin mounted on a metal chassis.

This Woodie weighs 3,648 pounds and is propelled by its original “Flat Head” V8, a 100 HP, 239 cu.in. engine. “Three on the tree” plus the optional Columbia overdrive.

Ford owned 330,000 acres of hardwood forest on Northern Michigan’s Iron Mountain and had a fully-integrated Woodie manufacturing system there.  Lumberjacks harvested the trees, lumber mills processed the trees, and fine-wood work shops crafted the Woodie’s body. Trains carried the Woodie bodies to Dearborn, Michigan for mounting on the chassis. Only Ford manufactured the Wooide’s body in-house. They closed Iron Mountain in 1951.

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